All Keynote Sessions are in the College Theatre 

Corey Poirier Color 4Corey Poirier: The Timeless Secrets of Influential Leaders
Thursday February 22 9:00am and 10:30am 

Based on our roughly 4000+ personal interviews with the world's top achievers and most influential leaders, this Keynote reveals the top (5) traits and/or habits that all top level leaders (personally and/or professionally) share. During his talk, Keynote Speaker Corey Poirier we will reveal how teachers, and education professionals, can each start applying these 5 traits / habits immediately for improved personal and professional lives. Timeless secrets revealed during this keynote include: The 1 Degree Circle of Influence The Pied Piper Method of Leadership (the importance of creating future leaders) The Power of The Learning Plan (TLP) The case for Mentorship The Hour of Power E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome) and how these 3 letters could change your life forever The Power of NO! 

 Corey Poirier is a multiple-time TEDx, and sought-after Keynote, Speaker. He has spoken on MoMonday’s and PMx stages, has shared the bill with everyone from John C. Maxwell to Deepak Chopra to Stephen MR Covey to General Hillier and has presented to thousands of attendees since he began his journey.

 Lowell and Julile Taylor: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities  Taylor
Thursday February 22 1:00pm and 2:30pm 

In this motivational presentation, Julie and Lowell Taylor highlight Lowell’s Visual Impairment and how their positivity, teamwork and love help turn this obstacle into opportunities. Lowell was the first blind contestant on The Amazing Race and now his sights are set on competing in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Road and Track Cycling. Together they share their life stories and the challenges of going blind, living with a blind guy, and the supports needed along the way. Their stories provide examples of how they have developed resiliency and a positive mindset. They prove that positivity can outshine a disability – that negativity can be more debilitating than a disability.

Julie and Lowell are an enthusiastic and dynamic duo who have first-hand experience turning obstacles into opportunities. Julie, a Speech Pathologist, and Lowell, a Registered Psychologist have been married for 10 years and currently live in Lethbridge, Alberta with their two sons.

Allan Keller: How One Teacher Changed My Life in 10 Minutes 
Friday February 23 9:00am and  10:30amKehler

Countless students are in pain, and many are uncertain how to manage this pain. As a result, some individuals turn to substance abuse, self-harm, or even suicide. Sadly, many students are suffering in silence. A smile can appear on the outside while they are in pain on the inside. For years, this was Allan. A university professor saw beneath Allan’s mask, and changed his entire life through a simple process. Allan shares this approach in his message, and reassures his audience that nobody needs to be fixed, but that the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable. Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Allan explains what drives people to engage in destructive behaviors. He identifies key signs, reveals methods of intervention, and shares powerful activities that he has used in his classrooms for years. Through an interactive quiz, Allan ensures that all participants walk away with an increased understanding of these prevalent issues.

Allan spent a significant amount of his life persevering through mental health issues and addictions. These experiences have taught him valuable life lessons that have guided him on an incredible path of success.

Karl Subban: How Did You Do It? Team Subban's Vision for Success
Friday February 23 1:00pm

karl subban skates stick
Wisdom. Humour. Leadership experience. Memorable stories. These are the hallmarks of a Karl Subban keynote. Drawing on his experience as a coach, a principal, and the father of “Team Subban,” Subban talks about vision, perseverance, teamwork, and what it means to lead. He uses pointed anecdotes and powerful metaphors to tell a larger narrative about defining, and achieving, success. As a principal, Subban would often give a room full of students a simple command: “Anyone who wants to be better, raise your hand.” Every hand shot up. That came as no surprise. Who doesn’t want to be better? Everybody wants to be better. The problem, Subban saw, was that too many people didn't think they could be. Since those days, he has held the firmly-rooted belief that anyone can—and everyone should—reach their true potential. To that end, Subban shares a proven framework for success that resonates with everyone from educators to business and community leaders.

 KARL SUBBAN is a former school principal in one of Toronto’s toughest neighbourhoods, and the father of five children, including three NHL players. He’s dedicated his life to helping others reach their potential—to be better at their careers, and as people.